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IMPORTANT! If you select “FULL PACKAGE” Paperback, Audiobook, Blank artwork and Social Media are already included! No need to re-select them!

• Every premade is only sold once and it will never be available again.
Title is just a placeholder and can be changed (or not if you like it).
High-resolution files*

Special paperback version available, perfect for foil stamping!
Color options: Foil colors are pre-selected by the printing company you’re going to use. Usually accepted colors are: Silver, Gold, Red Metallic, Blue Metallic, White Gloss, Black Gloss. You can choose any of these colors! See mock-up examples to have an idea of the final outcome.

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Important information

◉ INCLUDED IN THE PRICE you will be able to request minor changes, such as font and color modifications with no extra costs. The overall design, though, will remain the same. You can also request general color adjustments and element position changes (where they are possible) but additional charges may apply according to how time-consuming they are.

◉ High resolution files, with your custom titles and author name, will be sent after the payment is complete.

– One higher resolution file (2700×4050 pixels) in JPEG.
– Other formats: Narrow (1600x2560px / RGB) and Wider 1920×2560 px / RGB) in JPEG.
– One free 3D simple banner (1500x1000px / RGB / 300dpi)  to be used as promotional image in JPEG.

– All of the above included with the front cover, and:
• With the paperback/hardcover: printable copy of the cover (custom dimensions), in PDF.
• With the foil-printing: alternative design optimized for foil printing, in .psd file with separate layers (foil layers + merged background).
• With the Audiobook: square Cover (4050×4050 pixels) suitable for Audiobook and Vella Covers in JPEG.
• With the Blank Artwork: high resolutions text-free blank artwork + separated typography PNG file. If you purchase Audiobook you will get the square blank artwork as well.
• With the social media package: transparent three 3D mockup files, Facebook Page+Group Covers, Facebook post images, Instagram images, Twitter and Web Headers.

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